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Jos Binoye
Jos Binoye

Get Seasoned Legal Advice from the Best Santa Ana Divorce Attorney

With considerable experience in OC courts, Binoye Jos is a Santa Ana divorce attorney who provides top-notch legal advice and representation to individuals and families. Our attorneys understand that human lives and emotions are at stake, which is why we are careful and compassionate in our approach. 

Divorce is quite common in California, and its impact can be long felt by everyone involved. During this time, we put our advocacy experience on your side to reduce the burden and help you make informed decisions throughout the process. Our Santa Ana divorce attorneys work hard to resolve your case quickly.


Filing for a Divorce in California 

If you are expecting a divorce or have already initiated the process, the first step is to consult with an attorney. California laws state that either one of the spouses filing for divorce must be a state resident for six months before filing the petition. Additionally, they also must be a resident of the County they are filing in for at least 3 months.


The law also requires a six-month waiting period after the filing of the petition and before divorce is awarded. During this time, the spouses must file taxes jointly and cannot remarry. 

The divorce is awarded after the expiry of these six months. 


Looking for an Experienced Divorce Attorney in Orange County?

If you’re looking for advice or representation from compassionate yet aggressive lawyers, feel free to contact Jos Family Law Firm at (714) 733-7066. We’re here to alleviate any kind of stress from your life and help return it to normalcy.

Alternatively, you can also send an email to to get in touch. 


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